Lift Kit

Leading installer for the past years on top brands; BDS, Zone Off-road, Rough Country, Carli, Skyjacker, TeraFlex, Readylift and many more as a Direct Dealer.  Offering competitive pricing, efficient turnaround time.  Continuing services on lifted applications with specialized techs and equipment.

Wheels & Tires

Major seller/installer for Mickey Thompson. Toyo, Nitto, XD, Fuel, Moto Metal, but ability to get almost every brand on the market through years of partnerships with many suppliers.  We have the knowledge and experience to offer proper fitmit to many stock and lifted applications.  Competitive prices to beat online packages with quality mount and balance with top road force machines.

General Maintenance 

“Four Wheel Drive & Performance” The name does not scream general repairs, but no job too big or too small.  We treat any repair on a vehicle with the same care as a lift kit.  We perform daily repairs on daily drivers.  Fully staffed and equipped to diagnose, repair in a timely and costly manner.  As we stand behind all of our work.  Also we are a Napa Gold Member and offer several extended services that have coverage nationwide.

Oil Change

We have our top techs perform oil changes.  Not just an oil change in our eyes, inspection is key.  We like to let the consumer know how items are lasting and a heads up on future services that might be needed.  Catching items before they wear too badly and cause additional harm.

Diesel Repairs & Performance

We have been blessed with our diesel techs, they are well rounded on knowledge to offer efficient diagnostics on all light duty applications.  Stocking injectors and common failure parts to keep our customers on the road.  Carls also offers all legal performance parts to try and help on HP and MPG.  Banks, Edge, S&B, AFE and more

Classic Car

Carls team can help you bring your classic car and truck back to original condition, and perform and look even better.  Although we do not do any body work and reconditions, we work alongside many body shops rebuilding the drivelines and suspension components during your restoration project.  We can help at any level needed.  


We have sources to provide many SXS parts for over counter and install.  We run SXS and are well rounded on what other consumers are after.  Offering longer lasting tires and alignments to upgrading shocks for off roading adventures.  Down to performance with being a Gilomen Dealer. 


Our facility is equipped with 2 Hunter Alignment Racks & the latest in Hunter Alignment Equipment, which includes tire mounted alignment heads “that keeps from having anything mounted to your expensive wheels”. If the dealer or tire shop is concerned about large tires or too wide, call for an appointment.  We also have an extended wheelbase rack with an extended height door to accommodate all vehicles, large service trucks & medium chassis buses.  Wireless head option lets us accommodate Heavy Duty applications as well.  Not just having quality equipment, our technicians take great pride and understand what makes an alignment work, especially on altered vehicles.  Carl’s is one of the leading alignment shops in the region with over 75 years of combined experience.  Whether it be your everyday driver, lifted vehicle or classic ride. Give us a call for your next appointment 

Differential Repairs

Carl’s is one of the leading differential and drivetrain repair and rebuild facilities in the region.  We have the knowledge and experts to diagnose and repair any driveline issues you may be encountering.  We also do gear ratio & differential upgrades on just about any vehicle, including jeeps and light duty trucks.  We use Motive gear, Yukon, Timken and other top manufactures in the industry.  Give us a call for your differential needs!

Steering & Suspension

We take great pride in our steering and suspension department, from your simple frontend and steering issues to complex suspension and steering angles, even along with difficult driveline angles.  Our technicians have the knowledge to repair or make recommendations to help make your vehicle drive at a high level of comfort for you and your family.  Today’s vehicle’s suspension and steering systems are highly engineered and include expensive components, let us be the ones to help you with any steering and suspension issues or questions you may have.

Trailer Service & Repair

Not just auto, in 2017, Kapp Trailer Sales and Service was brought to Carl’s 4wd location and has allowed us to be well rounded in the trailer repair business.  Stocking brakes, bearings, jacks, lights and some body pieces. Carls has the parts to keep your trailer going.  We offer full service and keep them in DOT specs.  
We perform enclosed body repairs for wrecked or worn out applications. 

AC Repair

Equipped with the new 1234YF machine, Carl’s is prepaid to work on the older 134A to the newest vehicles.  Carl’s strives to not stay up on knowhow along with equipment to handle any job that comes to our door.  Carls will work with your needs from a recharge to a full system with a new warranty. Give Carl’s a call for your next AC issue.  We will be happy to diagnose and offer our assistance in a professional manner. 


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