Our Mission

To offer every customer that calls or walks through our doors the assurance that we will provide the highest quality products along with a friendly, professional staff, emphasizing integrity in every action.

Carl’s Beginning

Three years after receiving an Associate Degree in Automotive Technology from Kaskaskia College along with his love with race cars, 4-wheeling and fixing things that challenged him, Carl’s 4-Wheel Drive and Performance Center was established in 1977.

Located in a small town called Bartelso, where the population is approximately 600, Carl welcomed his first customer through his doors. It was a small three bay shop, built on a corner lot of his father’s farm and was originally known as Carl’s Automotive & 4-Wheel Drive Center.


If you have been around a long time, you know back then about the largest tire that was available was a 33” tall Gumbo Mudder and Ground Hawgs. If you had anything bigger than a 4” lift kit you were ahead of the times and definitely a local “bad boy”…my how times have changed.

Seeing the desperate need for a supplier and a knowledgeable source for 4-wheel drive and performance parts for his local area, Carl’s can be considered being on the ground floor of the industry. For over 44 years, he and his knowledgeable staff have taken that one customer the day he opened and expanded their customer base to now include thousands of satisfied customers, not only local, but across the region and states. Now serving them in a 18,000 square foot facility and unlimited parts access, the satisfaction and friendship of our customers is the foundation on which the company stands.

With the explosion of so called dealers and internet companies wanting to sell you a suspension kit and etc. and are recommending to you the product they think you should put on your $40,000.00 vehicle while sitting in their skivvies at the kitchen table (office), think twice. At Carl’s, because of our extensive background, we can help you find the answer or the product you need for your application in a timely and affordable manner. We are a true brick & mortar place that treats all our customers with respect and honesty. If we cannot help you with something you are looking for, we will recommend only places that value their customers as much as we do.

We look forward to working with you!

Oh yeah…I almost forgot, if you cannot make the trip to see us, we can drop ship almost any part to your front door in a matter of days.


Carl’s 4 Wheel Drive & Performance Center

We have been here 35+ years for a reason…we care about our customers.


Carl’s 4-Wheel Drive & Performance Center, located in Bartelso, IL, is a modern 17,500 square foot facility offering the best in 4-wheel drive truck accessories, performance parts and installation services, along with general automotive and light truck repairs.

For 44+ years we have been on the ground floor of the 4-wheel drive and performance industry and to this day continue to be one of Southern Illinois and the Metro East’s largest provider of truck accessories, lift kits, tires, wheels, performance products, general repairs, etc.

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