Bartelso, IL

St. Louis Automotive Accessories by Vertex

Vertex automotive parts are available to you in St. Louis, IL at Carl's 4-Wheel Drive and Performance Center! Find all the Vertex accessories you need including Distributor Cap, Distributor Conversion Kit, Distributor Drive Gear, Distributor Mechanical Advance, Distributor Rotor, Magneto Base, Magneto Body, Magneto Breaker Cam, Magneto Breaker Points, Magneto Housing, Magneto Ignition Coil, Magneto Locating Pin, Magneto Nut, Magneto Tune Up Kit, Magneto Washer, and much more!

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About Vertex

The OAC competition Vertex magneto is just the ticket for High Performance engines, it is very compact and lightweight. It is completely self-contained and operates at ignition distributor speed (one-half engine speed). Vertex is entirely independent of the battery as it generates its own high tension alternating current and its sophisticated design incorporates an internal coil. No complicated installation procedures, simple, quick and easy replacement without any engine modification necessary. Installed in the engine in the same manner as the battery ignition distributor.

About Carl's 4-Wheel Drive and Performance Center

Seeing the desperate need for a supplier and a knowledgeable source for 4-wheel drive and performance parts for his local area, Carl's can be considered being on the ground floor of the industry. For over 32 years, he and his knowledgeable staff have taken that one customer the day he opened and expanded their customer base to now include thousands of satisfied customers, not only local, but across the region and states. Now serving them in an 8000 square foot facility and unlimited parts access, the satisfaction and friendship of our customers is the foundation on which the company stands.

With the explosion of so called dealers and internet companies wanting to sell you a suspension kit and etc. and are recommending to you the product they think you should put on your $40,000.00 vehicle while sitting in their skivvies at the kitchen table (office), think twice. If we do not have the answer or the product you need for your application, we will tell you and lead you in the right direction.